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Encouraging (i.e., forcing) student participation

Some students like to talk in class.  Some don’t.  There seems to be little correlation between talking in class and performance in class.  But I suspect there’s a correlation between talking in class and succeeding in law practice, as I … Continue reading

Women speaking up in law school

Students at Yale Law School have a new report out on gender at America’s most exclusive law school.  It’s called Speak Up about Gender: Ten Years Later.  One of its findings is that adjusted for the relative populations, women at Yale … Continue reading

The are NOT too many lawyers

A piece in the ABA Journal Weekly Newsletter, relying on a news story, makes a fairly common claim in these recessionary days: there are too many lawyers in America.  Boomberg writer Paul Barrett relies heavily on the fact that in 1950 there … Continue reading

More on “practice-ready” students

Over at Pryor Thoughts, Regent’s Scott Pryor responds to my earlier post that in turn responded to a thoughtful piece by Suffolk’s Jeff Lipshaw.  I agree with much that he says, but I want to clarify my point, which I’m … Continue reading

Heck, they might be even more deluded than us

In case you were wondering whether any group in America is more completely out of touch with the economic disaster facing them than law professors at ABA-accredited schools, there may actually be one: the editorial staff of the New York Times. It … Continue reading

Advice from good mentors

Michael Maslanka, a veteran employment lawyer with a great reputation in Texas, posted an odd column the other day, sharing mentoring advice he got when he was a whippersnapper.  It’s called Five Lessons From Mentors Who Cared.  Some of the advice … Continue reading

Signs of change at the ABA

Barry Currier (left) has been named the interim Consultant on Legal Education to the American Bar Association, replacing Bucky Askew, who has held the job for the last six years.  Mr. Askew has presided over some substantial changes in the ABA’s … Continue reading

“Worst law school in five states”

I was in the law school faculty/staff staff kitchen the other day, making a cup of coffee and overhearing a conversation.  Seems some anonymous person on some blog or other called the school that employs me “the worst law school in … Continue reading

Chen steps down at Louisville

One of the few law school deans who has some sense of the coming Apocalypse is stepping down.  Jim Chen of Louisville is calling it quits after five years. With any luck, he’ll have time now to do more of the … Continue reading

Making lawyers “practice-ready”?

“If you want law school to be practical, and you want it to do more than train litigators (whose orientation is the enforcement or opposition of legal rights and duties – and where some practitioners get to be appropriately tunnel-visioned), … Continue reading